Our portfolio focuses on new technologies particularly in the areas of esports, blockchain and payments. Our current portfolio consists of 7 innovative, disruptive, global businesses.


Investment Portfolio

In November 2019, Blue Star invested approximately £150,000 in each of six esports businesses. The esports sector is experiencing significant growth and according to estimates by games and esports analytics provider Newzoo, may see total global esports market revenue increase to US$1.8 billion for 2022. The largest component of this estimate relates to sponsorship, media rights and advertising and the Company will take advantage of this growth opportunity by investing in franchises and infrastructure investments targeting different regions globally. Since making the original investments, Blue Star has made follow on investments in both Guild Esports and Dynasty Esports.

It is the intention of each of the companies in which Blue Star has invested to create or acquire a competitive esports franchise to generate revenue from tournament winnings, digital marketing opportunities, sponsorship, membership, merchandise and promotional tours and events. Each of the companies is targeting a different region globally for financing and team building but all will attempt to become global brands. Blue Star is investing at an early stage in each of these companies and as part of its investment Blue Star has secured the right to invest in future rounds of each company to allow it to maintain its position, if it so chooses.

Blue Star’s most significant esports investment, Dynasty Gaming & Media, is a global infrastructure business providing its B2B white label Esports Portal Management Platform to blue chip telcos in Australasia and the Middle East. Based in Singapore it generates revenues through a combination of both fixed licence fees and managed services revenue share. Dynasty has set out to solve two major challenges that currently exist within the gaming industry. First, large consumer brands know they need to engage with gamers […]

SatoshiPay’s mission is to connect the world through instant payments. To achieve this ambition, SatoshiPay is initially focussing on building the Pendulum Network Project, which was established in June 2021. Pendulum aims to establish the missing link between Fiat currency and De-Fi ecosystems through a sophisticated smart contract network. It is intended that the Pendulum network will connect De-Fi to the larger foreign exchange market, aggregating stable coin liquidity for fiat currencies in liquidity pools of automated market makers (AMMs). […]

Sthaler is a biometric identity and payments technology business that enables an individual to identify themselves and pay using the unique vein patterns within a finger. Its FinGo ID platform uses a biometric called VeinID which instantly recognises an individual through the unique pattern of veins inside each finger. The FinGo technology scans each person’s unique vein pattern, an internal biometric that cannot be traced or copied, making FinGo the most secure and inclusive way to connect. FinGo’s technology is […]