Our portfolio focuses on new technologies particularly in the areas of esports, blockchain and payments. Our current portfolio consists of 4 innovative, disruptive, global businesses.


SatoshiPay’s mission is to connect the world through instant payments. To achieve this ambition, SatoshiPay is initially focussing on building the Pendulum Network Project, which was established in June 2021. Pendulum aims to establish the missing link between Fiat currency and De-Fi ecosystems through a sophisticated smart contract network. It is intended that the Pendulum network will connect De-Fi to the larger foreign exchange market, aggregating stable coin liquidity for fiat currencies in liquidity pools of automated market makers (AMMs). […]

Dynasty has built a leading gaming/esports platform globally, which combines the following key features, licences, and accreditations in one single platform: • Enterprise grade international esports tournament engine accredited and endorsed by major international games publishers to run professional leagues and mass market grassroots esports feeder leagues. • The only enterprise grade esports platform and gaming shop that: ◦ supports international standard professional esports tournaments for both PC and Mobile games, the world's fastest growing gaming sector; ◦ is optimised […]

Sthaler is a biometric identity and payments technology business that enables an individual to identify themselves and pay using the unique vein patterns within a finger. Its FinGo ID platform uses a biometric called VeinID which instantly recognises an individual through the unique pattern of veins inside each finger. The FinGo technology scans each person’s unique vein pattern, an internal biometric that cannot be traced or copied, making FinGo the most secure and inclusive way to connect. FinGo’s technology is […]