Dynasty eSports unveils name change to ‘Dynasty Gaming & Media’

Post date Dec 2021

Dynasty eSports unveils name change to ‘Dynasty Gaming & Media’

Blue Star Capital’s investee company, Dynasty eSports, will change its name to Dynasty Gaming & Media, Co-Founder and CEO, Matthew Lodge, informed investors this morning.

Blue Star currently holds approximately 13% of Dynasty’s issued share capital.

The Group said its brand remains the same and that it will still refer to itself as ‘Dynasty’. The entity will be changed shortly from Dynasty Esports to Dynasty Gaming & Media to reflect its expanding business and the rapidly increasing capabilities of our team, and our tech platform.

Dynasty Gaming & Media “brings together all the essential elements required for a dynamic, monetized gaming community in an intuitive and fully integrated digital ecosystem,” it stated.

Lodge outlined that there were two main reasons for the change. Firstly, he noted that there is already an established business in the Australian market called Dynasty Sports. “As we are planning to IPO on the ASX, Dynasty Esports is way too close to Dynasty Sports,” he says. 

“The second and most important reason is that ‘esports’ does not properly represent or reflect our company anymore and is now only a small part of our overall proposition,” he added.

Dynasty, which operates as a digital esports portal management platform, is working to advance its launch of several Dynasty platforms alongside partners in Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, and India – all of which are scheduled to go live within the next two to twelve weeks.