Blue Star’s SatoshiPay launches Pendulum open-source blockchain

Post date Feb 2023

Blue Star Capital (BLU), a technology investment company, noted an announcement by SatoshiPay that its Pendulum open-source blockchain has gone live on Polkadot Mainnet. Blue Star owns 27.9% of SatoshiPay.

Pendulum said the Mainnet launch was the first phase of a 3-phase Pendulum launch roadmap. Phase 2 will be a token transfer event allowing for the transfer (but not trading) of tokens. The final phase will be the listing of PEN on the Zenlink automated market maker (AMM), which will present opportunities to earn rewards from providing liquidity.

Pendulum said it is possible PEN will list on a top 10 centralised exchange around the time of Phase 3, and itends to complete the launch roadmap by March 2023.